Verylube Metal Conditioner Turbo

Verylube Metal Conditioner Turbo

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Metal conditioner TURBO is a modern nano-technology product which is designed for complex protection and restoration of friction units of engines (including turbocharged ones), that is why it is called “TURBO”. Each drop of metal conditioner TURBO contains milliards of bearings formulated from molecules of carbon C60 and molecules of aliphatic hydrocarbons reinforced with halogens.

Round polyatomic molecule С60 was called FULLEREN (in honour of famous American architect B. Fuller who suggested to build openwork dome structures from pentagons and sexangles). The chemists presupposed the existence of such molecules already in 1970ties but these molecules were discovered only in 1985. The discovery of fullerens was rewarded with Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Since then these unique molecules were used in many branches of science and technique. Tribologists who examine friction and wear process also applied these unique molecules because of their perfect ball-shape! Since the grease contains these balls, sliding friction is impossible. Sliding friction will always turn to rolling friction. It means that friction coefficient decreases by 1000 times! Therefore if this friction reduces – the same happens with wear and there is a chance to stop mechanism’s aging! Fullerens have higher density and hardness than diamonds have.

That means that С60 molecule can stand extremely heavy loads. The oil film containing metal conditioner TURBO is much stronger; friction parts do not contact with one anther even in case the overloads occur.

Moreover, metal conditioner TURBO contains a thoroughly selected package of chemical compounds. Due to wear compensation it allows realizing the concept of antiwear friction and in-place repair of units and mechanisms. Surface- and chemically active substances specially added into TURBO formula allow keeping fullerens on friction surfaces in the most loaded areas.

Thus, roughness becomes more smooth, tribological characteristics of friction units are improved, vibration and noise disappear. Metal conditioner TURBO improves properties of motor oil due to the content of the balanced package of antioxidant, extreme pressure and antiwear additives. Prolongs life span of motor oil, prevents premature aging.

  • increase of engine power and compression;
  • decrease of noise and vibration;
  • reduction of oil and fuel consumption;
  • improvement of car dynamic characteristics;
  • engine protection against wear;
  • easy cold start;
  • decrease of exhaust gases;
  • engine operation in case of complete oil leakage.

Add the content into the warmed up engine through the oil filler neck in proportion 1 tube (125 ml) per 3 – 5 L of motor oil. The most optimal concentration – 3% from the oil volume. Permissible overdose is 50% (i.e. up to 4,5% from the oil volume). The product possesses gentle cleaning properties promoting rings anticoking. Use metal conditioner TURBO each time you change oil for better results.


The product guarantees increase of engine stability to wear by 2 - 4 times, more than 300.000,00 km run without overhaul (if you use the product since the car running in).