Atomex Complex Oil Treatment

Atomex Complex Oil Treatment

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Antismoke additive. Contains REVITALIZANT®. Synthetic product in the form of a polymer thickener that increases the oil viscosity.

Problem: The increased gaps in the cylinder-piston group and the loss of elasticity of the valve stem seals lead to high oil consumption, smoking, and carbon deposits on the walls of the engine combustion chamber.

Solution: The use of a special antismoke additive increases the viscosity of the motor oil and tightens the gaps, thereby eliminating exhaust smoke and reducing oil consumption

Problem: Due to wear, the increased gaps in the crankshaſt and camshaſt bearings lead to a drop in pressure in the lubrication system and, as a result, to engine failure.

Solution: The use of a product increasing the oil viscosity seals the gaps in the bearings and eliminates the problems associated with their wear.

  • Increases pressure in the lubrication system
  • Reduces oil consumption through burning and engine smoking
  • Increases oil viscosity
  • Prevents further engine wear
  • Effective for internal combustion engines with a high wear rate

The product is compatible with all types of motor oils. Safe for turbocharging units.


Used both in gasoline and diesel engines.

Creates an engine protection reserve. Effective for internal combustion engines with a high wear rate. Safe for turbocharging units. REVITALIZANT® contained in this product prevents further engine wear and ensures reliable engine operation until a scheduled overhaul.

Безопасно для агрегатов турбонаддува. Ревитализант, входящий в состав средства, предотвращает дальнейший износ двигателя и позволяет безопасно его эксплуатировать до планового капитального ремонта.

  • Introduce the product warmed up to +25...30 °C into the oil filler neck of the engine warmed up to the operating temperature.
  • Idle the engine for 2–3 minutes.
  • Drive the car in regular mode.

One-time application is recommended for the entire service life of the oil.


The product is compatible with all types of motor oils.


1 bottle (250 ml) of the product for 4–5 L of oil.


High-molecular polymers in base oil, REVITALIZANT.