Atomex Energy Drive

Atomex Energy Drive

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In dynamic use or in a sports driving style, the most important things for a vehicle are instant throttle response, maximum torque, and engine power reserve.

Chemical modifiers, which improve dynamic processes of fuel ignition and combustion, are an active component of Energy Drive (Gasoline).

  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Increases octane/cetane number
  • Improves the dynamic processes of fuel ignition and combustion
  • Increases engine thrust and reduces ramp-up time during sharp acceleration

Atomex® Energy Drive is a high-performance product, which provides a complex solution for achieving maximum engine power by increasing the energy efficiency of fuel and creating optimal conditions for its combustion. Special combustion modifiers optimize the operation of modern high-technology gasoline engines that require the use of high-quality fuel.


Thanks to its special properties, AtomEx Energy Drive:

  • Provides instant engine start due to improved fuel flammability;
  • Increases engine power due to more intense combustion and improved energy efficiency;
  • Reduces ramp-up time;
  • Increases engine thrust, which is especially noticeable in sharp acceleration;
  • Eliminates the effect of “cold engine”;
  • Increases octane number of gasoline fuel by 6 units.*

For low-octane gasoline, provided that the fuel does not contain additives for increasing the octane number.

Introduce the product into the fuel tank before refueling.


The composition is compatible with gasoline fuel of all grades, safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and valves. Recommended for use at each refueling.


250 ml of the product for 40–60 L of fuel.