Atomex Stop Leak Engine

Atomex Stop Leak Engine

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Intensive and prolonged operation of the engine can lead to oil leakages from under the oil seal (gaskets) of the engine crankshaft caused by the loss of elasticity of the sealant materials.Solution: Application of Stop Leak Engine allows restoring elasticity of seals and eliminating leaks.

  • Stops oil leaks from the engine and prevents their further occurrence
  • Restores elasticity and resilience of rubber gaskets and oil seals
  • Eliminates the need for expensive repair
  • Softens hardened seals, thereby creating a tight metal-to-seal contact and eliminating oil leaks
  • Compatible with all types of motor oils

Highly effective product of the latest generation for eliminating oil system leaks in all types of engines. Contains special components that restore elasticity of the sealant materials. As a result, oil leakage is stopped


  • Add the product to warm motor oil.
  • The sealing effect occurs after 300–500 km of run.
  • Applied universally for all types of engines of cars and stationary installations, motor boats, motorcycles, etc.
  • Safe for turbocharged engines.


Mixture of plasticizing additives and polymers in hydrocarbon base oil.


Compatible with all types of motor oils.


1 bottle (250 ml) of the product per 4–5 L of oil, for small engines, not more than 10% of the oil volume.