XADO EX120 Revitalizant Power Steering (Blister Package)

XADO EX120 Revitalizant Power Steering (Blister Package)

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Gel-Revitalizant for hydraulic is designed for protection from wear-out and restoring repair of power steering without disassembling. The gel forms a new cermet coating on friction surfaces. As a result a renovated unit exceeds the performance level of a new one and will serve you 2-4 times longer. It may be used for revitalization of any hydraulic equipment.

  • Decreases effort on a steering wheel
  • Increases performance level of a pump
  • Improves the accuracy of hydraulic system operation after 31-62 miles
  • Reduces noise and vibration of a steering wheel booster pump
  • Protects parts from wear-out in case of low oil level
  • Eliminates pump howling


Treatment of a unit with 1 -2 L hydraulic system capacity.

1. Introduce (spray) the contents of a tube (can)* in the fluid, which is warmed up to the operating temperature, in the tank of a power steering pump.

2. After the revitalizant is applied and the engine is turned on, wait 2-3 minutes and turn the steering wheel for 5 minutes.

3. Revitalization is considered complete after the mechanism has been in operation for 50 hours ( 950 miles of run).

* It is recommended preliminary to dissolve the contents of the can (tube) in small amount (~ 50 ml) of used hydraulic fluid. If the fluid in the tank of a power steering pump is contaminated (opaque or has change its initial color etc.), it is recommended to change hydraulic fluid before application.



  • The feature of revitalization is improvement in operation of steering gear (reduction of effort on wheel, operation accuracy, noise reduction) after the first miles.
  • If after 62-124 mi mechanism operation improvement does not occur, the most probable matter is a mistaken diagnostics.