XADO Luxury Drive 10W60 Racing Engine Oil (1L)

XADO Luxury Drive 10W60 Racing Engine Oil (1L)

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Used in passenger cars and light trucks. Due to the high concentration of REVITALIZANT® nanocomponent in XADO Luxury Drive oil, any engine will operate longer, better, and more reliably than a new one.

  • Specially formulated for engines of sports and racing cars
  • Designed for extreme operating conditions: intense acceleration dynamics, maximum power and high rpm, overheating
  • Reliably lubricates and prevents “dry” friction of the engine parts in case of overloads
  • Due to its viscosity SAE 10W-60, which is the highest possible for motor oils, provides reliable high-temperature sealing of the cylinder-piston group and minimal oil consumption through burning

Due to its regenerative ability, XADO Luxury Drive oil eliminates and heals surface defects on engines with a run.

Requirements and Approvals

Meets the requirements of the following specifications:

  • SAE 10W-60
  • ACEA A3/B4

Meets the requirements of the car manufacturers:

  • BMW Special Oil
  • MB 229.1
  • Porsche A40
  • VW 500 00/505 00


Using XADO Luxury Drive oils in a new engine allows ensuring optimal running-in (without metal loss through chipping) and maintaining the perfect condition of the engine for the entire period of operation.

Comfort, acceleration capability, and power will always be maintained at the highest level thanks to the patented formula of atomic REVITALIZANT®. XADO Luxury Drive oil has the REVITALIZATION® Factor of [RF=15.5], which means it surpasses XADO Atomic Oils in protective and restoring properties by almost three times.

Perfect motor oil for Lux cars.



When using the oil, take into account the car manufacturer’s recommendations.