XADO VitaFlush

XADO VitaFlush

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VitaFlush Oil System Cleaner.

VitaFlush is used to clean oil systems of gasoline and diesel engines of all types (including turbocharged ones) as well as transmission units.

  • Restores mobility of oil scraper and compression rings
  • Eliminates sticking of hydraulic lifters
  • Cleans the crankcase ventilation system
  • Restores friction parts and protects them from wear
  • Increases engine power
  • Stabilizes oil pump parameters (increases oil pressure)

Completely removes all contaminants and tar deposits in channels, and takes them away together with the used oil. Due to REVITALIZANT®, brings back up to 70% of the lost metal.


The cleaner is used when changing oil as a preventive agent for cleaning and antiwear protection as well as an adaptive cleaner when switching to an oil of different viscosity or grade (for example, from mineral to synthetic) or an oil made by a different manufacturer.

Comprehensively cleans the oil system of the engine (transmission units) from all types of contaminants.

  • Introduce the required amount of XADO VitaFlush into the warmed up mechanism through the oil filler neck or oil measuring hole.
  • Start the engine and let it idle for 10–15 minutes or drive 20 km (~15 miles).
  • If through flushing is required (in case of heavy contamination), drive 200–300 km (150–200 miles).
  • Change the oil and replace the oil filter.